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Listed here are tips you can use while you move toward being a better ally to transgender people. Obviously, their list isn’t thorough and can’t include all of the “right” things you can do or say – because frequently there’s nobody “right” response to every situation you may encounter:

  • Don’t make assumptions about a transgender person’s sexual orientation.
  • FTM Top Surgeon – All you need to know about plastic surgery
  • Transgender Journey – An Introduction
  • Don’t ask a transgender person what their “real name” is.
  • Be aware of the distinctions between “coming out” as bisexual, lesbian, or gay and “coming out” as transgender.

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A few who wish of starting over visualize themselves becoming an attractive woman, pleasantly combining into a new fairly idealized lifestyle – a totally new beginning.





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If you have been close friends with someone who is transgender for some time and you knew them prior to finally admitted to being transgender. You may think it's easy, but take into consideration how long your friend has been living in a closet. You can call us and we can help.

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